Do you have your own podcast? Are you getting ready to launch your podcast? It's a lot of work, but it is so worth it to be able to get your voice out there! At Watten Co, we want to help you reach as many people as possible. We do this by taking some of the tasks off your hands so that you are able to focus more fully on the content you are producing! One of the big tasks we can take off of your hands are the show notes!


Show notes are a vital part of your podcast. Why? Here's just a few reasons...

  1. Creates more content for you that you can re-purpose on social media, your blog, and that your readers can share
  2. Allows for SEO opportunities that you won't get from the audio 
  3. Gives you a reason to touch base with your e-mail list
  4. Provides the simplest way for listeners to find links to your guests or the resources mentioned, which also gives you the opportunity to monetize with affiliate links 
  5. Allows you the opportunity to re-iterate announcements 

Although show notes are a vital part of your podcast, they do take up a lot of time and energy that you could be putting into other facets of your podcast. If you are looking to outsource your podcast show notes, you have found that right place! We offer three packages for Podcast Show Notes


We mentioned your e-mail list earlier which may have got you thinking about your long list of to-dos when it comes to keeping your podcast running. If you are needing assistance with administrative tasks, email marketing, social media management, etc. head on over to our VA | OBM Services to see what we can help you with!


You started your podcast thinking you would be able to talk & not write, right? But now that you're started, you are having to write all of the copy for your website, social media captions, and e-mails to send out to your e-mail list. That may not be ideal for you. If it's not, head on over to our Copywriting & Content Creation Services page and set up a consultation with us to figure out how we can get your personality and your thoughts off the mic and into writing!